Webmasters would always prefer to work with their in-house server.  As it is, web hosting does come as part of the design and feature maintenance done by the web designer. It is easier for webmasters to address compatibility and access issues by working with their preferred server rather than work with another host outside their network.

More often than not, it would still be the web hosting company that would be the same company that would allow you to use their tools to develop your low cost site.

Having said this, you should check out 2 points. Verify that your site is designed the way you want it and is functional.  Do not be easily impressed with an unbelievable looking site only to be disappointed later on by frustrated customers due to the site’s unreliability and frequent downtime.  Remember that since your web hosting service is linked to your web designer, it is good to make sure that both aesthetics and efficiency are addressed.

The best way is to do a background check on the web designer’s credentials together with the web hosting company’s capabilities. Not only should there be a harmonious relationship existing between these two services, both services should also be exceptional in their own right.

Bandwidth and web hosting

There are some web hosts that overload their servers with the intent of cutting costs. The disadvantage it carries with it is the constant periods of down time. Your web host should provide you with ample bandwidth for your site to grow. It should also make bandwidth easy for you to acquire. You should therefore inquire about this when choosing a web hosting provider. You would not want to be stuck with a web host that cannot keep up with your growth.

A web host should be ready to keep up with the demands should the sites experience rapid growth in terms of increased site visitation. If the web host is incapable of sustaining this growth, site visitation shall only be hindered from being able to access the site.  And for sure, you would not want this to happen to your business.  The last thing you need are disappointed customers who may never return to your site.

What is bandwidth?

It is therefore good to know what bandwidth is. As an analogy, try and picture water passing through a pipe versus sipping through a straw where a whole neighborhood can access water from the former and only you can drink from the latter. Imagine using the same straw to provide water to the same neighborhood.  It sure is not a very pretty scenario. This is how bandwidth works. The bigger the bandwidth, the larger the flow of information it can accommodate at any given time. This is what you want your web host to have.

So make sure that your web hosting provider is able to keep up with the growth of your website.  It is always good to ask questions and be informed before you make a decision.  Do check on the reliability, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of your chosen web hosting service.  Choose one that will prove beneficial to your business over time.

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