There is a SEO myth that hasn’t been fully demonstrated until this time. This SEO myth sustains that it’s not good to have links from the same class C IP addresses. Maybe you don’t understand what is about in this myth, but we will explain you how breakdowns IP address.

How SEO hosting works?


In the place where are the CCC there the numbers has to differ. This explains that if someone take a web host and create on it 1,000 of diverse websites and then link all of them to a single website, then this link will have many visitors. Search engines don’t make this possible, because they use the IP of the websites to estimate how much weight should have available.

Many people have the opinion about this myth that it’s incredible, just because the shared hosting it’s well-known. If this myth it’s for real then the websites on the same shared hosting aren’t helpful to each other in terms of their ranking.

However, in some way this myth can be demonstrated that it’s true. I read many articles about this subject and I have read a lot of things that makes me to believe in this myth. I have concluded that a website with less links can overcome a website with much more links. This can be explained by the fact that the website with less links has more class C IP’s than the other website with more links.

I mention again that I believe that this myth it’s true and I would prefer to not say that this is a myth, but I call it like this because many other people don’t believe in this. Pay attention on the weight when you are building a link, make sure that the IP addresses on your link will obtain a good weight.

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