Cloud VPS Hosting is a type of high performance virtual private server hosting which is generally affordable for most applications.  These types of hosting plans will usually offer a dedicated IP address within a server which is shared between other plan holders.  Connections on these types of hosting plans are usually very fast with Tier-1 bandwidth transfer ability.  Companies offering the Cloud VPS hosting services will also guarantee memory, disk storage and bandwidth for hosting plans.  A near perfect uptime guarantee for servers is always important although 100% efficiency should not be expected or cannot be promised by any company.

Cloud Virtual Hosting Server

The usual setup for these types of hosting through a Cloud VPS will rely on a network of servers which will lend resources to one another when the resources are needed.  Although most hosting services will have a metered amount of memory (RAM) it is possible for a variety of Cloud VPS hosts to provide additional memory when other VPS partitions are not using the full capacity.  This is ideal for server needs which can fluctuate at times for applications which sometimes need more memory processing power.  Built in firewalls and virus protection help to ensure that the VPS hosting will not succumb to viral or hacker attacks.

The typical plan types that a Cloud VPS host will have available to them are Budget, Business and Enterprise.  In a budget plan, the cost is most economical and provides a generous portion of memory (usually within the 256MB range) about 10GB of disk storage and a generous amount of bandwidth per month (within 150GB).  Business type Cloud VPS hosting services can provide about double what would be available for the budget plans (512MB memory, 20GB storage, 300GB bandwidth transfer).  The Enterprise options can be double that of the Business plans (1024MB memory, 40GB storage, 600GB transfer bandwidth).  It really depends on the type of services which are necessary for hosting when choosing the appropriate plan.

Unmetered options can be available with some Cloud VPS hosting services.  These are usually some of the most expensive options because they can provide a very large amount of memory, unlimited storage capacity and an unlimited amount of transfer bandwidth.  These hosting plans are better suited for hosting needs that can grow to immense proportions under different circumstances.

It is recommended to find a Cloud VPS hosting package that offers 24 hours per day, 7 days a week customer service support to provide the best experience whenever difficulties with the hosting service are encountered.  The ability to choose any operating system that is necessary for the VPS needs is also a positive thing to look for when choosing a Cloud VPS Host.  It is not uncommon for VPS hosting packages to charge extra for OS options such as Windows, or additional software such as cPanel to be installed on the server.  Choosing an option which can provide backups of VPS hosting are often recommended to ensure the quickest possible repairs in the event of disk storage failure or other forms of damage.

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