Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting are comparable, as both of them allow you to put a website online with almost no effort at all. Yet, there are some main differences between the two. Basically, neither of them is better than the other as they both present their own advantages, depending mainly on their desired application. Both of them have a series of benefits and disadvantages and the decision to use any of them should be based on your specific needs as a webmaster and in any case not on the popularity of the operating system itself. It is also true that most people are able to use a Linux web hosting plan without any major problems. On the other hand, some people might need the ability to run Windows based web applications on their servers, case in which a Linux web hosting plan would just not be enough.

When Linux Hosting is Better than Windows Hosting?

Linux web hosting is better than Windows hosting when you are looking for a simple, cheap and reliable web hosting solution. For instance, if you are running a simple eCommerce website, or several blogs, you can use a Linux hosting plan without problems. A Linux hosting plan is also the perfect choice if you are on a tight budget and you do not require Windows based web applications.

When Windows Hosting is Better than Linux Hosting?

As already mentioned, if you are required to run Windows applications on your server, a Windows web hosting plan would be indispensable. Any kind of serverside Microsoft product you need to run will require to be run on a Windows server, if possible on a Windows VPS. The disadvantage of a Windows server is that updates can take a long time to be released, as you have to wait till Microsoft upgrades their software. However, any bug of the Linux software can be repaired in almost no time, as it is open source software and can be fixed and improved by any developer.

Which is the Right One for Me?

After carefully analyzing the above information, you should be capable of making the right decision. If you are still experiencing problems in establishing which one is right for you, a Linux server might be the right option for you. Linux servers are more reliable, cheaper and more user-friendly than Windows web server, which turns them into the perfect solution for beginner webmasters. You could also discuss to any potential hosting companies about which one you consider that best suits your individual needs. Just tell the hosting representative the kind of business you are running, the number of sites you own and the kind of software you might require to run. Based on that information, virtually any competent service representative should be able to direct you in the right direction.


In the complex world of web hosting, such thing as right or wrong decision does not exists, there are only decisions made without sufficient and adequate information. Prior of making any decisions about your online business you should ensure you are properly informed about the task on hand.

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